Transform your organization into a dynamic, adaptive network.

Teams organized around the purpose of the work they do, rather than their reporting relationships, enable successful execution. Making relationships between teams explicit enables the network’s flexibility and productivity.

Hierarchies focus on individuals, and the power and reporting relationships between them.

Networks focus on the teams and roles, aligned through purpose, that achieve shared outcomes.

Our services are grounded in the Responsive Transformation Framework

This framework shows four elements to consider when transforming
organizational systems, each with a polarity describing the desired change.


Sensing Over Reacting

Gone are the days of reactive strategy cycles made up of retrospective market analysis followed by a big reveal plotting the course for the next 5 years. In a connected, data-rich world, Strategy must become an ongoing discipline informed by continuous sensing of the competitive ecosystems we operate in.


Capabilities Over Functions

The prevalent wisdom is to see our enterprise as a collection of functions – HR, Supply Chain, Finance…  These functions are by nature siloes which lack a diversity of perspective, limiting the outcomes they can produce.  Maximizing outcomes requires seeing the enterprise as a collection of capabilities.


Emergent Over Prescriptive

While it is paramount that we have a purpose with clear goals, we should allow the path to those goals to emerge over time as we learn more. Prescribing too much upfront is a recipe for waste or failure in highly complex and rapidly changing environments. This mindset needs to be in our DNA.


Networks Over Hierarchies

The hierarchical organizational structure optimized for scale has become a risk in our totally inter-connected world. The slow rigidity of a 2-dimensional hierarchy can not compete with the speed and flexibility of a multi-dimensional network. We need to think about our enterprise as a flexible value network and organize our people in that manner.

Where We Help

Capability-Based Strategy & Execution

Critical to the evolution into a networked organization is establishing a commonly understood view of the enterprise. We believe this is best done through the lens of business capabilities. Let us help you create your Strategy-to-Execution Rosetta Stone.

Organizational Architecture

Recognize the need to transform into a networked organization? Let us help you with the building blocks you’ll need to be successful and how to implement them.

People & Leadership Performance

Paradigms shift in a networked organization. The leadership model changes from position power to influence, and individual success is rooted in self-direction. Let us help your people grow as the organization evolves.

Communications & Engagement

Successful change is rooted in helping individuals connect with the transformational vision. The connection is often best realized through creative engagement approaches. Let us help you make meaningful connections for the people in your organization.

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