[muh·KNOCK] noun

  1. A loyal and trusted advisor to 9th-century Irish kings.
  2. A guide who helps leaders transform their organizations into dynamic, adaptive networks.

Organizations unable to navigate increasing uncertainty caused by a continuous pace of change will not survive.

We believe those organizations unable to shed outdated structures and find new ways of working can’t successfully compete in the 21st century. Our purpose is to provide the leadership and vision necessary to transform your organization and its ways of working.

Why can't some organizations survive in today's world?


Rigid Structure

Is it difficult to bring the right people with the right skills at the right time together to tackle the right strategic problem? Is shifting someone’s “job” akin to moving a mountain?


Slow Decisions

Is your organization slow to make decisions? Are there many people involved in every decision? Does bureaucracy get in your way? Are your competitors moving faster than you?


Reactive versus Proactive

How confident are you that everyone in your organization understands their connection to the customer? Are you able to proactively sense your customers’ emerging needs and adapt your value proposition ahead of time?


Unclear Priorities

How much going on inside your organization doesn’t align with strategic goals?  Do you have teams pursuing work that isn’t necessary?  Are you spread thin trying to cover too many bases?

To stay competitive in our rapidly emerging, disruptive world, you must evolve how you organize and get work done.

Everyone and everything is connected.
Enabling a pace of change not previously seen.

“We’ve moved from a constant environment,
To an environment of constant change.”
– Tomas Bjorkman

We guide leaders in their pursuit of organizational transformation.

Let’s transform your organization together.